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Moisture has bothered every one of us at one point in life. And it has deteriorated the beautification of our commercial or residential place. Elantas Waterproofing Co. understands the worth of your valuable structure and is there at your service to provide you with effective, reliable and highly professional waterproofing services. Our services will not only make your building look beautiful but also help in maintaining it well for over a long time.

Our team is carefully selected and our waterproofing products are certified and approved, which we import from credible suppliers like CR Basement Waterproofing.

Why Hire Us?

Elantas Waterproofing Co. holds the relevant experience in the industry that extends from large commercial undertakings to small residential projects. Our company does not consider any task small or big but works dedicatedly to add a loyal and a satisfied customer to our ever increasing list.

Reasons to choose us:

•    Experts: Our team is highly trained before deployed on a field job. They believe in our products and work as an interwoven team to provide our clients with the best and proven outcome.

•    Trust: Trust is the major aspect of any business success. Elantas Waterproofing Co. has the required experience in the industry and we have an urge to provide our clients with a peace of mind they seek. We care about our clients and thrive hard to offer them the best quality results.

•    Quality: Our waterproofing work is always done in the finest way possible and for assuring a good quality service we even have a quality assurance protocol, with which we make sure that all the work is as per the standards, with no scope of compromise.

•    Timeliness:  Budget and time are two facets of any task. Elantas Waterproofing Co. understands the value of your hard earned money and time so we have continuously strived hard and will continue to do so, to deliver you satisfactory waterproofing services on time and on budget.


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